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Great Style For Everyone

“A better process results in a better Product

Asian worker controls fabrics in textile plant

Our Philosophy

In a changing economic landscape, textile industries need to adapt their business models to succeed. Ajmera Fashion brings the most inspiring insights and best-practice solutions, based on more than 18 years of expertise to address the entire product lifecycle.

Exports to 30+ Countries Worldwide

Oriented towards achieving desired results, Ajmera Fashion works with a highly professional approach, while maintaining ethical business practices. At present, Ajmera Fashion exports to the discerning markets all across the globe.

Spread Across 10,000+ sq ft Area

10,000+ Customers Worldwide

10,00,000 Manufacturing Each Month

70+ Walkings In A Day

Social Presence

Ajmera Fashion has got more than 2,00,00,000 views for various videos published by various influencers, interviewers and media. We have more than 157K Subscribers across YouTube channel with 30,000-2,00,000 views on daily basis.

Comprehensive Support

Ajmera Fashion help retailers, wholesalers and dealers maintain quality and wellbeing while guaranteeing brand devotion and buyer certainty. We perform material testing on things going from texture sample to completed product, including distinctive sorts of clothing. We help guarantee our retailers, wholesalers and dealers to take care of buyer demand for high caliber, minimize reputational hazard, and ensure the interests of customer wellbeing.

To Our Customers

Ajmera Fashion is proud to give its stamp of approval to each and every one of our products. All of our products go through rigorous quality control checks during and after the manufacturing process in order to ensure their safety, endurance and ability to get the job done.

Future Initiatives

As Surat’s leading manufacturers of saree, Ajmera Fashion is keen on maintaining its leadership position for even more years to come. Ajmera Fashion has been awarded with more than 150 national and international awards in a row starting from 2011. We want to continue to innovate and manufacture high performance textiles at lower costs without compromising the quality. We aim to maintain our leadership position in the export of high quality textiles whilst also creating a brand to cater to the domestic wear market.

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