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About Us

All operations at Ajmera Fashion are deeply connected to its core values of integrity, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and inclusivity. To know Ajmera, one just needs to know our principles.


Ajmera Fashion ultimately aims to become the top apparel sourcing brand in India.

The brand will always be, as it is currently, known for its work ethics and principles.


Ajmera enables entrepreneurs from all over the world to start their profitable apparel businesses.

We ensure that only the best quality textiles are sold at our franchisees.


Ajmera’s Pillars

Ajay Ajmera

CEO and Co-founder

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way – Mr. Ajay Ajmera is one such leader. He founded Ajmera Fashion in 2011. Today, he is not only a visionary business expert but also a sought after motivational speaker and a social entrepreneur committed to women empowerment. With over thirty years of experience in the textile industry, Mr. Ajmera is our master strategist and a caring guardian at the same time.

Vijay Ajmera


The credit for sound financial management at Ajmera Fashion goes to our co-founder, Mr. Vijay Ajmera. He is perhaps the most approachable person in the organisation whose warmth and compassion make the workplace feel like home. Mr. Vijay has over 35 years of experience in successfully establishing and leading many innovative services. He has been instrumental in defining and executing finance-related initiatives and plans for our future growth, including budgeting, forecasting, pricing and strategic planning.

Our team

Mr. Mohit Ajmera is a harbinger of youthful thinking and an innovative approach at Ajmera Fashion. Since 2011, he has played a vital role in making the company’s vision a reality. He has single-handedly implemented a myriad of changes across the supply chain and has constantly strived for operational excellence. With his great interpersonal skills and business acumen, he ensures Ajmera Fashion has healthy relationships with all the stakeholders and its clients are delighted.

Mr. Tarun Sharma joined the organization in 2018 and built a committed team of 100+ people from scratch. Under his exemplary leadership, the online presence and sales of the company have grown exponentially in the last 4 years. With his out-of-the-box thinking, down to earth approach, and ability to take everyone along, Mr. Tarun has become an indispensable part of the organization.


Mr. Sagar Kathiriya is a man with a smile on his face and unique solutions in his mind. He has been with Ajmera Fashion since its inception in the year 2011. Mr. Sagar is a jack of all trades and master of transport and export operations. He thrives on working closely with teams across the organisation to help deliver fully integrated solutions that build the Ajmera Fashion brand and contribute to the bottom line.

Ajmera Milestones

While Ajmera Fashion is determined to move forward and reach greater heights, we can not forget the achievements we have seen so far in our journey. These are some of our most prominent milestones.

Our founder Ajay Ajmera set his foot on the entrepreneurial land of Surat

Ajmera Fashion was

Our first YouTube
channel was started

Ajmera Fashion was ISO certified

Became the first
manufacturer in Surat to
deal directly with retailers

Export of manufactured apparels began

The “Har Ghar
Business” mission was

Became the first manufacturer to set up a call center for customer service

2020 started onboarding franchise

Got featured in Forbes magazine

Reached the milestone of serving 75000 retailers

Our Manufacturing Process

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